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Why when people know better do they not do better?

We often believe knowledge leads to action and yet I’ve seen, on too many occasions, this to be false. Through studying the science of behavior change and in my direct work with thousands of individuals, I discovered what works to trigger habit formation in someone’s life. I also uncovered something about myself, a passion for helping people unlock their potential. I was hooked on serving others and was on the lookout for a way to make the most significant impact.

When I looked around, I saw quick promotions, unlimited vacation days, free LaCroix and beer on tap and knew companies were missing the mark. The single biggest point of impact on an employee’s experience is their manager.

Yet, most managers are promoted because they are high performers or because they’ve been around the longest, not because they are great leaders of people.

I’m on a mission to change this – to transform the manager role – by empowering each manager with the tools, skills, and habits to be better leaders of people.


Be empowered to transform your leadership skills with the tools, tips, skills, and habits Aaron shares.


Learn more about Aaron's speaking through testimonials and other information.


High Performing Teams

A Guide to Unlocking Your Team's Potential

To create a high performing team, you need people who are willing to be radically transparent with one another, who are open, honest, and direct in their communication and an environment where team members feel psychological safety to share ideas, offer feedback, and innovate.

In this session, Aaron Levy provides the key ingredients of high performing teams and shares tactical steps you can take with your team today.

Remote Leadership

Succeed in The New World of Work

Remote work is forcing thousands of businesses and employees out of their comfort zones, having to not only figure out how to work from home but also how to use new technologies, adapt and, ultimately, innovate.

In this workshop, Aaron Levy walks you through the five steps for leading a remote team.

Difficult Conversations

How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Difficult conversations can be a source of anxiety and hinder our productivity in the workplace. Join Aaron Levy of Raise The Bar for a discussion about how to eliminate our emotional filters and respond, rather than react.

Whether you need to discuss performance issues with an employee, deliver bad news to a client, or serve as a mediator for your team, this process will help you to frame the conversation for the best possible outcome.

Listen with Intention and Attention

How to Motivate Your Team

Listening is hard, and we’ve likely not practiced or trained this skills properly, which is why most people suck at listening– and why most of us go through each day of our lives not being truly heard.  Where there is a collective problem, however, there is also an opportunity.

In this session, Aaron Levy shared how you can improve your ability to listen with intention and attention and in turn have a profound impact on the way you lead your people. 

The Future of Work

Leading a Multi-Generational Workforce

Today’s workplace can encompass employees from four different generations, all who have been shaped by their own unique social, environmental and personal experience. While people all share the same basic human needs, they are motivated and inspired differently.

Aaron Levy discusses the motivating factors and nuances between the generations in the workplace, how to best lead and inspire them, and unite them together as a high performing team.

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